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Omar Hammad MD

Hammad medium

  • Member since 14/12/2009
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Omar Hammad MD's Profile

Emergency Medicine resident physician at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA.


  • 2008-2011 Allegheny General Hospital Emergency Medicine Resident
  • 2008 University of South Florida College of Medicine, Tampa, FL.  Doctor of Medicine Degree.
  • 2004 University of South Florida, Honors College, Tampa, FL.  Bachelor of Science in Biology, minor in Chemistry

Presentations and Research

  •  2008  “A Roadmap for Developing Student-Run Free Clinics.”  L Woodard MD, O Hammad, S Crane MPH, S Kent BS, W Guerrero BS. Society of Teachers of Family Medicine 34th Annual Predoctoral Education Conference.  Portland, OR  Jan 2008
  •  2007  “CA-MRSA Osteomyelitis Presenting Radiographically as a Primary Bone Tumor”  O Hammad, S Pezzo MD, C Edwards MD.  American College of Physicians. Tampa, FL Sept 2007
  •  2006 “B-Raf is Critical For MAPK Activation during Mitosis and Is Regulated in an M Phase-dependent Manner in Xenopus Egg Extracts”  Journal Biol.  Chem. Aug 2006. Acknowledgement for contributing to characterizing the Xenopus B-Raf clone
  • 2004  “Behavioral effects of CD40-CD40L pathway disruption in aged PSAPP mice” Brain Research.  Jul 2004


  •  2009  American College of Emergency Physicians 40th Scientific Assembly. Boston, MA
  •  2008  Society of Academic Emergency Medicine. Washington D.C.
  •  2007  American College of Emergency Physicians 38th Scientific Assembly. Seattle, WA
  •  2006  Caring For The Underserved. New York City, NY.
  •  2005  The Unsteady March, Achieving Equity in Global Health. Physicians for Human Rights National Student Conference. Birmingham, AL  Mar 2005


  • 2008-present   Society of Academic Emergency Medicine
  • 2007-present   American College of Emergency Physicians
  • 2007-present   Emergency Medicine Residency Association