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B. Price Kerfoot MD EdM

Dr. Kerfoot is a staff surgeon (urologist) at the Veterans...

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Bill Graziadei, Ph.D.'s Profile

My name is Bill Graziadei, Ph.D., State University of New York (SUNY) Professor Emeritus and (e)Learning Consultant. For further details see my online resume and feel free to contact me via the information found on my business card.

I have extensive teaching, training and information technology experience. As an educator, researcher, consultant and project manager, I have taught Biology, Cell/Molecular Biology, Immunology, Virology and Information Technology Communications (ITC) in the classroom (35+ years) and online (25+ years) and very much enjoy working with students. I received the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1978. I have also served in various ITC administrative, consulting, project management, professional development and teaching/training capacities with experience in analysis, design, development and implementation of learning strategies for classroom- and web-based learning with an emphasis on distributed and collaborative learning environments using hybrid (blended) and various Web 2.0 teaching-learning approaches.

You can contact me via e-MailTwitter, AIM, WIM or Skype as well with any questions or comments.


Areas of Expertise: Educator Using Technology in Business, Education & Government Venues; eLearning Strategic Planning & Implementation; Online Teaching/Training-Learning with Asynchronous & Synchronous Collaboration, Web 2.0, Blended Learning, LMS/LCMS; Online Course Development; Training & Help Desk Support; In Vitro Cell Biology & Biotechnology, Immunology, Cell/Molecular Biology, Interferon.

21st Century Teaching-Learning is both formal and informal. e-Learning means Connectivity, Communication, Collaboration, and Content (4Cs) and connects people to people and people to information and involves the 3Rs; namely, getting the Right content to the Right people at the Right time using an inquiry-based approach. Participants use various combinations of face-to-face, Web, CMS/LMS/LCMS and/or real-time collaboration solutions integrated with Web 2.0 technologies.

I have been using an interrogative/problem solving, 'small chunk' or 'micro-lesson' approach for many years. A micro-lesson is all about a little-learning and it works in bits and pieces. This is true for both face-to-face and online teaching and learning. Before SpacedEd, did you use or experience an inquiry-based, micro-lesson approach, or something like it, in your teaching or learning? Let me know by responding to this poll question.

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SUCCESS is achieved by three fundamental practices in the classroom; namely, TELL me and I may forget; SHOW me and I may remember; INVOLVE me and I will understand. There is pain in change and pain in staying the same; choose the one that moves learning ahead.

I've tested the SpacedEd FB Connect and and ran into a problem. My Facebook account uses whereas I use wgraziadei for SpacedEd with a different e-mail account ( So, after logging into SpacedED and then clicking on FB Connect icon, I get logged into FB and a different account on SpacedEd, one not associated with my account that asks for an e-mail account to assocate SpacedEd with. I can not be logged into my FB account and my original wgraziadei ( SpacedEdaccount. Suggestions to resolve this issue?

Looks like you can't comment and retire a question at the same time. It's one or the other. One should be able to to do both after answering a question.

This is just a quick note about SpacedEd business plan. I like the approach about free with advertisements and for courses with a fee without advertisements and to share the fee for a course. But, the percent amount to SpacedEd verses instructor (60:40 below $20 and 20:80 for anything above $20) may discouraghe creators. I've discussed this with colleagues and in our opinion the percent would be more conducive for getting more 'creators' if the percent for SpacedEd:Instructor were 40:60 below $20 and 20:80 for anything above $20. We realize that a lot goes into development/maintenance of SpacedEd but so too in creating/maintaining/responding vis-a-vis courses. IMHO

When a learner enrolls in your course if would be desirable to make them an automatic 'connection' just like when you invite somone to try SpacedEd in order to welcome and communicate with them easily during the course. When and if they unenroll they might also be 'unconnected' perhaps as an option for both parties.

When in 'Review Previous Questions' it would be nice to be able to retire the question from review and not just after answering the question. For example, when I was doing the iPhone Tips & Tricks course, I forgot to retire one question and now I have to wait the set time.


Hi there.  Yes - a long time.  Good to see you here.


SpacedEd code changes made overnight have resulted in NOT being able to to see 'UNANSWERED' questions. They flash and disappear and then one is left with a summary of # questions one has left answered x number of days ago. This happens irrespective of browser, e.g., IE8, Firefox or Google Chrome.

Today I had to make some changes in my courses. Firefox v3.0.10 and Google Chrome v1.0.154.59 browsers worked just fine when editing my courses. However, IE8 in compatibility view, whether on or off, did NOT allow me to access my course content for editing purposes.

Once a learner enrolls/takes a course and then drops the course, there is no record of specific learner attendance or results, other than overview of questions. Are there plans to be able to keep past attendance record of learners?


Thanks for your feedback about the rests.  Yes, I made a mistake.

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